Fishing Joy

It’s been some time since I last updated.

As usual.

Anyway, went on a fishing trip yesterday! Andrew, Lim Teck, Josephine, and I. 4 people, on a little boat, and out we went. It was a whole day thingy, and we came back looking like lobsters.

First location was the breakwater just outside the yacht club. Some fishes here and there, but due to the proximity to the wall, we changed location after a while.

Second location was another breakwater further west. That was where we got the most fish.

Third location was some area where we did something in the past… No fish. Too deep, and current’s too strong, maybe.

The rest of the locations were more like sight-seeing drives. We went all the way to CNB bouy 4, and all the way North, and voila! We saw the Changi Exhibition Centre, and also SFT, Tekong, etc…

The weather was OK the whole day, wind, and sun. And all of us got sunburnt.


Overall, it was a nice experience, to be fishing out at sea. LOL.

More trips to come, I guess!

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