More and More Sianz…

Work, is getting boring nowadays.

Or, maybe I am tired of things. Can’t find any motivation.


Sometimes, I wonder, what am I doing? This is not the direction that I want. Or rather, there’s no clear direction.

Just when I have found my direction, something will come and steer me towards another direction.

I am being blown by the wind.

I want to stay put longer. I want to clean up things that are not cleaned previously. I don’t want to leave doubts behind.

I want improvements.

Sometimes, from what I see, my work is like a FYP. Do for 1 year, and then forget about it. Maybe some people will treat things that way.

That’s not the way I want it.

I do 1 thing. I come up with version 0.2 a few months later. I come up with version 1.0 1 year later. I come up with 2.0 in another 6 months.

Improvements. Not wait for problems to surface. As time goes by, people sure can foresee problems.

Foresee? Then improve.

If not, be prepared to suffer.

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