What Went Wrong?

Sometimes, I really wonder, what went wrong.

A wrong interpretation. A combined effect. A combination of events happening together.

Can’t I put all into 1, and just write it as one? Why must people look at the context, and assume that they are linked? Why can’t people listen to explanation?

Indeed, I am sadden.

If a friend lets go of me, what do I do? Do I let go, or continue to hold on?

No. I let go. I have learnt to let go.


我也不知道是为什么. 头很痛. 心更痛. 我到底做错了什么? 一段好好的友情, 怎么会变成那样?

一次好心的问题, 既然能演变成那么复杂的东西.

怎么人们都看不见我所看到的东西呢? 怎么人们都以为自己是对的, 然后就铁定他们的想法和作为是对的呢?


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