What are the younger generation thinking of nowadays?

It's crap.

I was reading ST, and there was an article which talked about students of SAJC protesting about their project work grades, which were surprisingly not that good.

Ok, grades were no good, that's understandable, but one student went to comment that his/her 'O' level grades were better, but his/her friend from another JC scored an A for project work, and he/she did not.

What's this? Scoring better for 'O' levels == always scoring better? OMG…

This is not the worst news. Today's ST. Home section page 1. This guy went to commit suicide by jumping off a building somewhere in Bedok, just because he thought he has a puberty problem, and his little thing was too small??! OMG!

Yeah it's crap. He must have got the information from somewhere, perhaps seen too much videos or what. Or were they comparing or what, during toilet breaks?

Even with a doctor's assurance, he also could not accept? Just because he thought it's smaller than others. And he jumped. Just like that.

Well done… very well done… duhz… Maybe he thought too much ba…


Somehow, this reminds me of Chiwai… His nickname's "Tan Tua Kee" in camp. Do I need to elaborate?

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