12 More hours. what will happen after that?

Somehow, the only time in the past 2 sems that I did not really head for home, was the first sem. We all went to catch some movie! The day's events were recorded in blog id 419.

The second sem? Went home after lunch and a walk around JP… Here's the record: blog id 614.

And yesterday, I took the very same bus that I took last April. That time, it was from JP back home. Yesterday, it was from JE. Same old words on the back seat…

And activities after tomorrow's paper. Well, I don't have any high hopes for anything. I will just be flexible. Even if I end up going home after the paper.

Sometimes, I feel that this is true:

With great anticipation comes great disappointment.

I should really focus on killing tomorrow's paper first. Yes. I shall kill.

As always, I always say that before every design paper. But in the end, I got killed. I think tomorrow's no exception.

No no…. think positive first! Yes… it's the last battle for the semester…

Oh well… I am already in “play mode”… Haha… Hmm…

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