Where Are The Swimmers?

Ok, tomorrow’s Monday. And most probably, I will be swimming alone? No Jianliang and Yingzi this time. That might be a little bit boring…

Try finding NUS people? Who? It’s hard to get NUS people…

Tomorrow’s Matriculation Day 1! Why am I so happy when I am not involved in anything? Maybe that’s the reason why I am happy? Haha.. 2005-2006 Freshies are coming in! And with that, we all year 2s become slightly older birds of NUS. The 2 years of birth are 1984 and…. 1986… wahhh….

Oh man.. I am 1983.. duhz.

That’s not the problem anyway. So what if they are younger. Makes no difference. Hahaha….

Saw a very funny thing regarding the sales of laptops during the Matric Fair. This year, Toshiba’s out, and in comes Acer! Hahaha not really funny, this news. Ok here’s the one: Laptops do not come with Microsoft Office. I find it quite interesting, and so, I did a screen-shot:
URL: http://www.nus.edu.sg/comcen/notebook/05nbprice.htm

From my interpretation (which might be wrong), it means that, the buying of any laptops will come without MS Office. And whoevers wants MS Office will have to pay more money to get the original, presumably academic version that costs somewhere near the S$300 mark. Or maybe, they can choose to use OpenOffice, which is an open-source office suite quite like MS Office.

So, why not they just reduce the costs further by introducing laptops running on Linux? Imagine a laptop that says “Powered by Fedora” or “Redhat Enabled”. The platform is free anyway, and those siao programmers can fully customise their own laptops as they wish. It is a suitable platform for learning programming, and most already include GCC and G++. Fun?

Not for non-programmers, and not for people who are already scared by C, C++ and their respective lecturers. And I think, we are unable to sell that C++ book, just like what happens to that C book. They change lecturers again! Ahhh!!! Stuck with that book again!!!

And that holds true for MNO also! Ahhh!!!

As for Physics, I think they will be using the same book as what we have used last year. And Mr Sum (Yeah, Zijian!) is no where to be found in PC1431. But his webbie is still around, so I don’t really know if he’s still one of the tutors of NUS…

I just look at some of the modules listed in IVLE for this coming sem’s core modules. *Faints*. Erm, Laplace Tranforms? Linear Algebra? Fourier? Erm…. forgotten already! Ahahhahahaha!

Oh well. Let me finish that project first, then I shall return to kill, or be killed.

Played a bit of bball in the afternoon. It drizzled a bit, but we did not care much. Decided against going to Kbox. Too ex. But it’s not hot, only humid. So the number of players? Me and Victor once again, with Linchuan and his student, Hendrick, coming at a later time, around 2.30pm.

Hendrick’s a secondary 1 student at Tanglin Sec, stayed at Block 117, and his parents are all RSAF people! And his father, well, is from one of the units at ADSD. The surname did not ring any bells in me, so I guess it’s some other unit that I did not get in contact with, or maybe he’s some newly-posted personnel? Who knows…

I am not really interested to know, but, it’s interesting to know, you know? Wahahah! Siao..

On Friday, Joan managed to lose her handphone in school! It’s a very strange incident. First, the handphone was in the staff room, and the staff room is barred from all students. So, did any student manage to slip in without anyone finding out, or was it someone inside who did the job? But, if it’s a student, how did she manage to go in, since many schools use the security card system to gain access to “protected” rooms? If it’s one of the staff, I have nothing to say.

Worse, if it’s Joan….. Hahaha… highly unlikely!

And looking at MSN, CJ’s nick reads: ??????. Yeah that’s good for him. Hahaha. Maybe I should put my nick to give a contrast? Something like: “???????”? Idea? Hmm…

*Dreams on*

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