Some Things, are NOT Everything…

Different people think differently.

Different people have different ways of working.

My way of work?

Fight first. Defend later.

I don’t have the luxury to go do documentation before I do things. If I do that, I will forever be in documentation, then implementation, then back to documentation to change the procedures, and then back to implementation.

I don’t have the time.

I have a rough idea how things work. Then I go and implement it. And then I improve on it. And then, with the improved implementation, work out the documentation.

No. Documentation don’t really work in uncharted waters. You don’t even have the slightest idea where you are going, how are you going to plot out your route properly. Sure, you can say, draw the path first. And so, are you going to strictly follow your planned route? Are you so sure that you are not going to hit any rocks, or any other obstacles along the way?

That is why, I absolutely hate people, who like to jump around and screaming this and that. Why this not done. Why that not done.

Hello. I have not been going out for lunch for the past few weeks. You think while you all are spending 1-2 hours eating, I have been doing absolutely nothing?

There are lots of things to be done. Unbalanced workloads. Priorities. Roles and responsibilities.

I can choose to hide in my area of work, and ignore all other things. But I don’t want.

Why restrict oneself, and make oneself become so dispensable?

One thing for sure is, if you remain solely in your initial area of work, and you work for years, after 10 years, you will still be the guru only in your area of work. That is assuming nothing goes wrong.

Same for games. Will you solely level up on just one skill?

Some things, are just not everything…

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Heh heh heh… my blog is back!

Over the past week, I have been trying to get the site up. Somehow, the DNS got screwed up, and the webby got redirected to some other site. And with a support that does not know what I am experiencing, it takes some time to get things right.

And after things are right, I am still wondering, is it ISP, server side, or what? Because, from what I know (and hopefully), the site recovered after a few days.


Been a busy month. Went to Bangkok for a short jalan-jalan! Fun, even though there are a lot more places that I would like to see.

That will be all for now. LOL.

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Team Player, or Rambo?

From games, you can really tell what type of friends you have.

Let’s take a team game, for example.

Those who don’t play team games, are non team players. Most of the time. Such people will tend to go their own ways after work, have their own plans, and everything is based on the word “ME”.

Those who commands people in the game, are called managers. Usually, they say the most things, but in the game, seldom there will be good results.

Those who say that one should have done this, should have done that, are called ‘cannons’. Say only after everything has ended.

Those who always got killed, are called lambs. They just cannot protect themselves.

Those who always got killed while defending others, are called sacrificial lambs. It may be good, sometimes.

Those who always got onto a higher level than the rest of the teammates, are called commandos. Usually, lambs are in the team too.

Those who still chiong when the rest of the team is not there, are called rambos.

Those who always complain, are called SINGAPOREANS la…

So… which one are you?


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Completed 1… 2… 3!

It feels great when things are completed.

It feels even better when things that are not supposed to be done? by others, are completed, not by the person, but by you.

Sometimes, voicing out is one thing. Doing it is another.

Some people voice out, and then, that’s it. NATO. No Action, Talk Only.

Some people voice out, and get shot by others. Big mouth.

Some people voice out, and the voice fell on deaf ears.

Some people voice out, and just have to do what they have voiced out themselves.

People tell me they are busy with this, with that, with a lot of things. So, am I the one who’s most free? Why am I taking up other CCAs, when I have my own things to clear? Why am I picking up from where people left off? Why am I trying to clear piles of shit?

The reason is simple.

Some things are just so inter-linked with other things. If 1 thing fails, the whole show stops. After working on something for so long, don’t tell me, people cannot see things coming.

I see things coming.

I can choose to just stay in my domain, rotting in one corner, knowing nothing outside my domain. But I feel that is so wrong. Specialization is only possible for something that is stable, like a production line. Not a project. No.

Things are inter-linked. For example: sensor problem. It can be a hardware problem. Is it power? Is it cable? Is it settings? Is it software? Is it something else?

Let’s solve the problem the specialization way.

1) Power I/C checks. Power no problem. Hands problem to Cabling I/C
2) Cabling I/C checks. Cable connectivity OK. Hands problem to Hardware I/C
3) Hardware I/C checks. Hardware seems to be OK. Hands problem to Software I/C
4) Software I/C checks. There’s no problem with software.
5) So what’s wrong?

1 problem. So many people? LOL…

Oh well.


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Dead Blog… Full of Cobwebs!!


Been rather busy nowadays. Or rather, I should say, been rather lazy.

Just switched some server settings, and upgraded wordpress, and some of my posts have gone siao. I wondered what went wrong, but I guess it’s those chinese characters and the encoding thingy once again.

Those are the little things that seem so harmless, and yet, are able to cause lots of headaches.

I remembered that, a few years ago, I had a fun time converting certain things from a BIG5 encoding to a UTF-8. Tedious work. I like to use chinese characters now and then. You can imagine the amount of work that I have to do for the conversion.

Well well…

Ok that’s all for now… tata…

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What Happened Here??

Actually, nothing happened. Just that, I was too busy and too lazy to write anything here.

There’s no interesting topic at the moment, that I would like to share here. There’s nothing much interesting happening to my life right now.

It’s kind of disappointing too. It’s like, am I working on something, or or is something working on me? Been busy with work, work, and more work. People get to leave work at 6pm. I usually don’t. Or put it even wide, we usually don’t.

I can’t plan to meet anyone after work, because I never know when my work will end. I cannot go around meeting people for dinner, because I know that most probably, I will be late, or even worse, cannot make it. I cannot go for my evening swims, because by the time I reach the swimming pool, it will be closing time.

Anyway, I would have been too tired to do anything else, besides eating dinner, and going home to rest.

Talking about dedicating time to do what I like… I cannot find the time.

People ask, why work so hard? Because, that’s who I am.

But then, things have been getting a bit out of hand lately. I am beginning to find myself in almost every part of everything else. After going one big round and finally getting a seat to look around, I think, what’s my role? What’s my objective? What’s my job?

It’s interesting. You have gone through so many things, and yet, you are still nothing.

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Who am I?

Yeah. Who am I?

Someone who you can talk to?

Someone who you can rely on?

Someone who you can scold?

Someone who you can complain to?

Someone who you hate?

Someone who you love?

Someone who you do not know?


Just… Someone?

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Running Around…

Nowadays, I find myself running around more and more. I don’t mean as in the physical running, but the movement from one place to another rapidly.

One moment, I might be in the office. Another moment, I might be in NTU. Some time later, I might be at some supplier’s office. And maybe, I would be at YC.

Actually, that is not a bad thing. I am always learning on the move. LOL.

I am actually enjoying my life now. There are some things that I will like fixed. The foremost is my back problem. So that I can really go all out.

I am really doing things at my own pace. My pace? Fast pace.

Slowly, and truly, I am gaining something. Everyday is a new experience.


And yes, I am concentrating on my work.

Other things can wait, or rather, at an ad-hoc basis.

As usual.

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Blog Becoming Dead… and More Dead…


That’s nothing much to say nowadays. I wonder what I can say, or what I cannot say. Not that what I say here has much impact anyway.

Life has been quite boring. Work, eat, work, eat, home, sleep.

Or rather, I have made it boring. I am often on the excuse of back pain. Ok, maybe not an excuse, since it’s true. There are many things that I want to do, but then, I don’t want to do, due to my back.

I want to go back to play squash. But I think that has to wait.

I want to make an appointment with the doctor. But then, I keep on forgetting that I need to call up during office hours.

I want to really solve my back issue. I don’t like to be restricted by myself.


Things that have happened over the weeks include: Sophie’s Baby Shower! Congrats to Andy for becoming the next Papa in the house! Went to his house to look-see too. Nice house, nice wife, nice baby, etc.

1-month-old babies are difficult subjects for photography…

And almost 12-month-old babies are fun subjects…

Also, finally managed to pass the supposedly baby shower gift for Papa Jerm! Met him at AMK Hub, and passed to him. I wonder how hard it is, to just pass something that is so small, to someone that lives so near the office.

Sometimes, it’s not that I am doing alot of things. It’s just that others are doing less things than me. I am just picking up where people left off. I am just closing open issues. I am just doing things that (people think) are not worth the effort to do.

That, itself, is a skill. If you are doing things that others are not doing, you are of certain value. If you start doing something that others are too scared to do, you gain something in return that others do not.

If you look back, why do people do things that others are doing? Because, people has done them, and they did not face any problem. Therefore, if others follow, they should not face any problem too.

Safe route.

People, generally, are afraid of failures. It’s just the limit of failure that one can accept, that makes the difference.

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“Everyone is Selfish by Nature”

Heh… anyone dares say otherwise?

“Selfish” – this word comes from the word ‘self’. Simply put, “only about own, regardless of others”.

So when was the last time you actually think the following?

“what about him?”

“what about her?”

“what about them?”

“what about us?”

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